Best Unknown Windows Utilities – Autoruns


No matter how fast your computer, Windows services and startup programs help slow it down at boot time. Autoruns digs far deeper than Windows MSConfig to show you exactly what’s running when you start your computer.

The default Everything tab shows you every startup program and service. To help you manage what’s going on in a more digestible fashion, use the tabs to view specific items: Logon, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Scheduled Tasks, Services, Drivers, Winsock Providers, Print Monitors, LSA Providers, Network Providers, Sidebar Gadgets, Codecs, Boot Execute, Image Hijacks, AppInit, KnownDLLs, and Winlogon.

By default, Autoruns in limited access mode, even for administrators. If you want to enable or disable an option, you might see an Access is Denied error message. Click Run as Administrator, and after Autoruns restarts, make your change.

You can use Autoruns to clear away a lot of startup clutter (for example, if you’re running a proprietary print monitor for a printer you don’t have installed anymore). However, be wary of seemingly “duplicate” entries. For example, in the KnownDLLs tab on a 64-bit system, you will see the same DLL name in two places: the System32 folder and the Syswow64 folder. Don’t disable them!

Download Autoruns here!

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