Dell Adamo XPS coming ‘in time for the holidays’ for $1799

Dell today officially launched the Adamo XPS, the highest-end version of its designer ultraportable. The system is championed as the thinnest notebook ever and measures just 0.39 inches at its thickest point. Dell accomplishes the feat by tucking most of the computer components into the display section and relying on a unique hinge that opens underneath and acts as a built-in prop . In spite of its slimness, the notebook still has a removable battery, two USB ports and DisplayPort output but also weighs slightly more than its MacBook Air rival at 3.2 pounds.

Also new are location awareness (though not full GPS) and a unique locking mechanism that, as long as the PC has power, seals the system and requires that the owner swipe a finger over a heat-sensitive touch strip to open the notebook.

Although it has the XPS badge, the new Adamo sits primarily at the lower end of the earlier Adamo 13’s performance range and ships with an ultra-low voltage 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive. However, its dimensions also give it just two hours of battery life on a regular three-cell pack and require an extended battery to bring its runtime up to 5.25 hours. It does tout significantly faster NVIDIA integrated graphics versus the slower Intel hardware of before.

Dell won’t commit to a specific release date but expects the Adamo XPS to ship by the holidays. Its pricing promises to be controversial as the stock configuration will cost $1,799, or as much as a high-end MacBook Air with a 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo S and five hours of life on its built-in battery.





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