Google Rank Check How to See the Value Google Places on Your Page

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Do you want to do a Google rank check?

The page rank of Google is considered as an original algorithm.At the time finding your rank on the search results, Google takes over half a billion variables into consideration.There is no one even the individual that manages the code, who is aware about these variables.Therefore, you have to caution when someone claims to be an authority of Google Rank Check.Even then, we have some knowledge about the functioning of page rank.There are certain important pages, according to the Google which yields maximum page rank as compared to other pages.

Those pages which have high ranking generally comes at the top of the search engines, however you will notice that rank 5 pages at time ranks higher than rank 7 pages for a particular type of search.Even Google notices the links, appearing on the page, which acts as a vote for other web pages.So, if a highly ranked page links to your site, you get more “juice” out of it than when a friend with no page rank links to your site.If a website with .gov domain or .edu domain has a link to your website, it is assumed that your site is actually good because sites with above domains are non profit sites.By taking advertisements on the internet on college newspaper websites, you can get .edu links.But, any links from PR 2 or higher sites can help your page rank.

By posting comments with an honest page link is another of getting links.See to it that that the links are followed by the Google on the first page.There are some web owners who set up their websites so that you cannot avail any link from your post.This can be done by downloading free software from internet.

Some of the idea for increasing page rank contains:

Join forums and post a link back to your website in your signature.You will gain high amount of links once you are done with the post.

Then post your sites to various directories.Each directory which lists you will give you more of a chance of being listed higher in Google’s search results.

Your site should be added with an ezine.Not only will this allow you to keep up with the people who visit your site, but you can also post information about your ezine to ezine directories.

Articles should be posted on article sites.This will help you to grab the traffic.You can also get juice link from top PR sites.

Create a sitemap on your website.This lets Google know how to index your page.

Within your website, have a link to other pages.By placing link on the internal pages of your website, you can boost up your link page rank.

Continue building pages within your site.To increase the strength of your home page’s PR, link the created pages to your homepage.

The best way to get Google rank check is on your Firefox Browser get Google toolbar installed.Use the link to download that tool. Besides the above mentioned ways, you can also increase the ranking of your web page with Commission Ritual. Through Google rank check, you can know how your website is functioning in comparison with other similar websites.

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