Intel Parallel Studio

Designed for today’s serial applications and tomorrow’s software innovators. Intel brings simplified, end-to-end parallelism to Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers with Intel Parallel Studio. Leveraging more than 25 years of parallel software and high-performance expertise, Intel provides advanced tools to optimize client applications. Create parallel applications for the desktop and compete in a multicore industry.

  • End-to-end product suite for parallelism: Ease implementation at every stage in the development cycle for designing, coding, debugging, and tuning applications
  • Forward scaling: Prepare applications to take advantage of multicore and scale for manycore
  • Visual Studio and Visual C++ compatible: Leverages investment in the latest Visual Studio development environments (except Express editions) with multicore-based competitive edge
  • Ease parallelism onramp: Minimize learning curve and improve productivity to accelerate return on hardware and software investments
  • Support multiple ways to exploit parallelism: Increase flexibility with both data and task parallel programming

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