Lenovo “Folding seats”

The latest generation of Lenovo Thinkpad Notebooks is better prepared for heavy duty purposes than ever. The aim: an idea to attract retailers and key account clients for the unique package of security features (full metal frame, shockproof hard drive protection, spillproof keypad, etc.) and to kick off sales dialogues. They knew: Every year business clients are invited to Lenovo Roadshows scheduled all over Germany. Bus and tram shuttles waiting at central stations and airports bring visitors to the event location. The notebook folding seats were a hot subject on the roadshow and triggered lots of sales dialogues. Even IT special interest magazines focussed on the ‘toughness’ topic and sales figures for the Lenovo Thinkpad series rose significantly during the 4th quarter of 2008. On the occasion of ‘Lenovo Live 2008′ they turned existing folding seats in those busses and trams into notebooks with a real key- and touchpad. Thus the product promise could be experienced with all senses before arriving at the event.




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