New LG 2.6mm Extreme Slim LCD Displays Debut At CES 2010

LG unveiled today a 2.6mm ultra-thin 42 inch LCD Panel marking the new world’s thinnest LCD display.
LG will build a 42-inch edge LED backlit TV around the 2.6mm thin panel that will weigh less than 4kg.
LG will have a special section at their CES 2010 booth that will feature Extreme Slim LCD products.
AS with CES 2009, thin TVs are still a hot trend for 2010. In previous years the size of TVs mattered most, now TV makers try to dazzle use with thinner and thinner displays, which at some point really stops being much of a benefit. As with the LG Extreme Slim LCD TV, you will need a separate box with the tuner and other TV electronics that won’t fit into the mm thin casing. Of course you can also forget about integrated speakers.

If you have a spot in your living room where you can show off the “thinness of your TV” than it is a nice gimmick, but if you only see your TV from the front it doesn’t really matter how thin it is.


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