TxTStopper announces cellphone jammer for your car, Microsoft too busy texting and driving to notice

Texting while driving is some pretty dangerous bloodsport. Knowing that still isn’t going to change the behavior of an insolent teen. So why not take matters into your own hands, parents, and install a mini cellphone jammer in the family car? TxtStopper, a professionally installed 12 volt device, will apparently shut down all communications on any US cellphones operating in the car — yes, including the non-driving passengers — when the car is on and in gear. Unfortunately, TxtStopper’s site chooses to prey on consumer fears rather than offer up any real technical details so we’ll just trust them that it works as advertised, ok? For $200, maybe not.

As an aside, the image above was grabbed from Microsoft’s promotional video for its new Windows Live Messenger beta. A touch irresponsible to be promoting its mobile Messaging app for smartphones in this way don’t you think? Skip ahead to the 1 minute 55 second mark of the embedded video if you need an outlet for your Monday morning angst.

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