Windows 7 Taskbar Progress Bar in API Code Pack C#

Windows API Code Pack

In .NET 4.0, the features of Windows 7 are not(except a few) exposed properly. So we need to rely on calling API directly by creating InterOp services to them. To make these features available directly for applications windows published an open source project here. This project is basically a COM wrapper, so that the complexity of the code could be reduced. In this article I am going to demonstrate most of the interesting features that Windows 7 introduced through Windows API Code Pack.

progressBar1.Value = hTaskProg.Value;
TaskbarManager.Instance.SetProgressState((TaskbarProgressBarState)Enum.Parse(typeof(TaskbarProgressBarState), CMB1.Text));
TaskbarManager.Instance.SetProgressValue(hTaskProg.Value, hTaskProg.Maximum);






 The minimum requirement to run the sample applications is Visual Studio 2008 with .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and of course Windows 7 Environment.

Download TaskbarDemo sample

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